magnesium oil spray infused with herbs - 100ml

magnesium oil spray infused with herbs - 100ml


Magnesium Oil Spray infused with herbs


These magnesium oil sprays are not like the ones you usually buy! They're infused with great herbs for maximum benefit plus a small amount of hydrosols has also been added to make them even better.


One of the best ways to replenish magnesium levels is through the skin - transdermal. It is absorbed immediately with no side effects apart from a tingling sensation on initial application.
The other great benefit of magnesium oil spray is that you can apply it to where it is needed in case of sore muscles.
The body needs magnesium to maintain a normal nerve and muscle function. Taking magnesium may also improve sleep quality by helping your mind and body to relax.


Choose between three different high strength (30% solution) sprays:

- sleep & relax infused with chamomile, passion flower, valerian plus lavender hydrosol

- muscle spasms infused with cayenne, nettle, fennel plus lemon verbena hydrosol

- muscle & joints infused with rosemary, plantain, parsley seeds plus kanuka hydrosol



    Magnesium chloride, purified water, herbs & hydrosols


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