make your own immune booster


During the change of seasons is usually the time when our immune system needs a little boost and support.

But what's the best way to do that and how to choose a good quality product?

Why not make your own with this DIY immune boosting oxymel kit and know exactly what's in it!

It's easy and fun to make and a great thing to give away on top of it.

But what's an oxymel - sounds very complicated.

It's a wonderful combination of herbs infused into organic apple cider vinegar and mixed with honey.


Super yummy and versatile!

You can use it just like a medicinal syrup or even better in the kitchen for salad dressings, marinades, dips or as a tasty drink.

It has got a sweet & sour taste and combines the benefits of vinegar, honey and carefully chosen high quality herbs.


What is included

a blend of organic high quality herbs with immune boosting properties

amber glass syrup bottles - you can choose between two 200 ml or four 100 ml bottles

200 ml of organic apple cider vinegar

immune boosting oxymel document emailed to you with easy recipe and instructions on how to make it

labels for your oxymel bottles

Please note that you will also need 200 ml of honey which is not included.

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