We're all on our own unique journey and as this section is supposed to be about me

I will tell you a bit more about my life's journey here ...

I was born in Switzerland as the second of four children. The first 27 years of my life I grew up and lived in Switzerland and there was definitely some great but also some very hard stuff along the way. Challenges and lessons being put on our path is something most of us know. The outdoors has always been my favorite place even as a child and back then I would often wander off on my own to explore nature whenever possible. My grandparents, mum and aunt encouraged me to get to know and interact with nature. They were great teachers and raw models in regards to respecting nature, learning from and working with it. Those are some of my most vivid and heart warming childhood memories and I'm very grateful for that wonderful gift.

Because of spending so much time outdoors I always picked up a lot of ticks on my adventures ...

One day when I was about 8 years old I got bitten by a 'bad' tick which led to me falling very ill. Back then Lyme disease was not well known and by the time the doctor got to the bottom of it half of my face was paralyzed. So Lyme disease has been with me and part of my journey ever since. I can't say it is a nice thing to live with but I probably wouldn't be where I am now without it. It sure has been a merciless teacher throughout my life. I think because of my illness a spark was ignited and I wanted to know more about the human body and health. So I went down the track of modern medicine treatment wise but also professional with a swiss nursing and later a physiotherapist diploma. It took a while until my journey took a turn and I moved further and further away from modern medicine. One thing I need to say here ... don't ever think that I believe there is no place for modern medicine. There definitely is.


Today I live in New Zealand on a 10 acre lifestyle property where my husband and I grow a lot of our food and herbs in the most sustainable way possible. Our ultimate goal is to be completely independent and self sufficient and we have been working towards that dream for quite a few years now. So much to learn - never boring. There are over 80 medicinal plants growing here and new ones are added whenever possible in order to use, study and conserve them for future generations. Yes, I'm crazy about herbs or really about almost any plants.


By now it has probably become obvious, that my way today is herbal and complementary medicine and taking full responsibility for my body and health. And that's why over time I have learned and am still learning whatever I can about herbs, nature, complementary medicine, the human body and health. I never get sick of it. I have got no degree in herbalism or anything similar even though I have thought about doing that many times. The main reason for not doing it is that I want to keep my mind as open as I can and not be limited by a curriculum or anything else. Life is my teacher guiding me in the direction I need to go. Interestingly there are always a lot of things brought to my attention that I can dive into and learn heaps. And for me learning should always include a lot of practical stuff especially when it comes to herbal medicine and nature. Growing, caring for, being around and connecting with herbs and nature is a must as it opens up a totally new world. No book can ever teach you that part.


There is still a lot I haven't figured out yet. But having scratched the surface of how things could be in relation to health and a complete harmony between our mind, body and soul I simply can't let it go. So whatever I have learned and will learn along the way I would like to share with anyone who's interested. Let's preserve that old and invaluable knowledge.